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10 Reasons Why You Not Making Any Money Online

Have you been on the search for different ways on how to make money online yet up to this day, you have not earned even a single penny? Do you ever wonder why this is happening? To give you an idea and a run down, read on:

The following are ten reasons as to why you not making money online:

1. Impatient.

This is the number one reason why people like you do not make money online. You are very impatient. You want to learn everything fast without even taking a back seat and try to grasp every bit of information as you get them by and by.

2. You want to be spoon-fed.

Everybody starts somewhere. Nobody in this world who got rich and famous by simply waking up in their bed and boom! They are successful! Being spoon-fed is one of the easiest ways to get there but can be destructive since you do not know the real score when you are going to apply such information and monetize it.

3. Gives up easily.

Earning money online is not for people who give up easily. This is best suited for those who take actions day by day and will not ever give up if the going gets tough.

4. Not a risk taker.

There is no such thing at 100% fail proof method of earning money online. The higher the risk is, the higher the probability of you having to earn as much as you can in just a short span of time.

5. Getting the wrong information.

Another reason why you are not earning money online up to this date is that you have been bombarded with the wrong information and applied it.

6. It’s all about getting huge piles of money and nothing else.

If your motivation is to get big chunks of money and that’s about it, then you will definitely not earn. Why? The more you are motivated to go out there and search the best way to earn money online, the more you will be taken away from such opportunity. Divert your mindset or focus and you will see the difference.

7. You do not accept constructive criticisms.

If most people are telling you are doing it all, then you are definitely doing it all. The worst thing that could ever happen is to go on your own and not accept the fact that indeed what you are doing is all wrong and you are in the wrong path.

8. Letting what people say pull you down.

People have this notion that there is no such thing as earning money online, you are just wasting your time, money, etc. on an idea that does not even exist. If you are keen to do something about this, better stop listening to what others may have say about such matter. Or else, you will see yourself going down the drain.

9. You never learn from your mistakes.

Okay, there are some people who let mistakes as mistakes and never see them as opportunity to learn something out of it. You did fail in your attempt to earn money online, for the simple reason that you never learn from every single mistake that you did along the way.

10. When everything fails, you stop!

If at first, you see things start to fail, you stop! This is not the mindset of a successful money earner online. When things do fail, more doors of opportunity do start to open. It is up to you to see them.

why no like on facebook fan page

10 Reasons Why I’m Disliking your Facebook Page

Facebook has brought about a lot of connections here and there from people around the world. Some are even using this to their advantage by creating a Facebook Fan page and invite more people to become a fan of such page. This can be a gold mine for marketers but could mean the end of the world for some.

Here are my 10 reasons why I am disliking your Facebook Page:

1. I liked your fan page, but it does not even have any updates at all.

Is it me or is it just you only want to generate as many fans in just short span of time that you do not even bother to put an update to your page at all? This is a clear example of a fan page that I definitely dislike.

2. Too many marketing updates!

Okay, I got it! You need to have more fans to like your fan page and be a fan of it. But please, do away with all those marketing updates! It is just too obvious that you do want one thing.

3. Self-centered fan page.

Well, nothing beats having to stumble upon a fan page that is so self-centered that it is all about me, me and me!

4. I need more information not a random sentence here and there.

The very reason that I did like your fan page is that I thought I will learn something out of it! I do not need another random posts here and there, got a lot of friends who are doing that.

5. You posted too many updates in a day.

So, you got all the time in the world to do the updates yourself. But do you think posting too many updates in a day is far enough to flood all your fans Facebook wall or news feed page.

6. I ask a question yet you do not even bother to answer.

What irritates me most is that when I post a question to your fan page, you did not even spend a minute or two to answer it. It seems that you are ignoring me and ther others who post some questions.

7. Updates are too vague or broad.

Yes, you did post some updates but they are too broad and vague. They do not even make some sense at all. I really do not know what you are up to.

8. You are not checking and responding to my comments to your post or update.

If you have posted an update and I am interested, I do put some comments but hey! You are into your ignoring mode and never bother to read my comments.

9. You are a spammer.

One thing I dislike about your fan page is that you are a spammer!

10. Irrelevant links posted.

Your fan page is about how to live life to the fullest, yet you posted links that are selling fake bags! Something fishy!

learn how to make money online

Learn How To Make Money Online

If you have been looking around for ideas on how to make money online but still failed to get the right information, you are not alone. There are a lot of people who are of the same situation as you are now. What makes a person successful in his quest for the gold in contrast with those who fail is that he never give up and still persistent to find the answers to all the questions that will unlock the key to success.

Learning how to make money online is as simple as 1-2-3. First on the list, is to know for a fact that indeed it is true that money can be earned online and it is not a myth or hearsay. The very reason why most people failed is that right at the very beginning, they are already skeptical and doubtful regarding making money online. If you are one of them, you need to shift your mindset and start believing that it is true.

Second, you need to learn as much as you can with regard to the different avenues wherein you can earn money online. This will serve as your platform of which you can earn a couple of dollars here and there to thousands of dollars in years to come. To give you an idea as to the different avenues of earning money online, read on.

The following are proven to be 100% legitimate and effective ways on how to make money online:

1. Google Adsense.


This is the most common way on earning money online. All you have to do is to sign up for a gmail account, have your own blog or website, and sign up for Google adsense. To earn money, you need to incorporate your Google adsense to your website or blog. Then, add content to it every single week or as much as possible daily. Lastly, be sure you draw more traffic to it to ensure you get a good ranking and the possibility of getting more visitors every single day will be achieved.

How do you earn money?

You earn money in Google adsense when your visitors click on the ads as shown on your website. Google will then calculate as to how much you do earn on a per click or impression basis. But wait? If you think it is easy to simply click your own ads, you are in for a big trouble. You will have your Google adsense account permanently suspended or closed. There is no way you can revert it back. Therefore, refrain from paying other people to do the clicking or stay away from the idea of clicking your own ads to earn more money.

2. Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate marketing is like you are going to be the middle man in a buy and sell industry. What happens here is that there is a digital product or services that you need to promote, and when a person buys through you, then you will earn a commission from it. That’s it! The process is simple but the getting a person to buy that a particular product is the most difficult and challenging part. This will entail a lot of marketing strategies and techniques in order to get at least one sale a day.

How do you earn money?

You do not have the goods in your hand but when a person buys a product through clicking the link which contains your affiliate link, you will earn commission out of it. You can get as many products you wish to promote and earn as much as you would want to.

3. Freelancer.


What is a freelancer? He is an independent service provider who offers services to different clients around the world. Services offered may include but not limited to web designing, web developing, ghost writing, data entry, virtual assistance, any task that can be outsourced are covered here.

How do you earn money?

You can earn money as a freelancer when you have rendered your service to your client and your client will pay you on per hour or per project basis. The more projects you can handle and finish the more money that will start to sink into your account.

4. Buy And Sell.


Buy and sell is a traditional form of business but with a twist! What you are having is an online store instead of a real store where you need to pay for rent, electricity, and sales person to cater to your customer’s needs. Here, everything is done online through taking orders and getting payment.

How do you earn money?

You earn money through buy and sell, when you sold a particular item online at a profit. The margin of profit would depend as to how much percentage you set for yourself. You can earn as much as 100% especially if you get the item at a cheaper price from a supplier. However, you need to consider also your competitors and the current market value of the item you are about to sell online. You do not want to sell it at much higher price (you will get less chances of generating income into your profit) or at a lesser price tag (you will get less profit or worst be losing money at the end).

The last step on learning how to make money online is to accept the fact that there is no such thing as getting rich money scheme that would make you a millionaire overnight. Everything starts at small beginnings, with persistence, and working smart, you will soon achieve success in no time. Before you know it, your name is now being featured on Forbes magazine.

quality web content

How to write quality web content

One of the most agonizing parts of creating a website is writing the content. Some will hire freelancers to write the web content while others will be more hands on and write the content on their own. Whoever writes the web content is, there must be one rule that should be put to mind – the content must be search engine optimized. How to implement this rule without being busted that it is all about gaining more traffic and be on the number one spot of search engines that you are after? It is quite simple; just apply the word “blending” when doing the web content.

How to blend quality and seo-friendly web content in one? This is quite simple. All it takes is to write the content and insert the keyword naturally. Do away with stuffing your content with too many keywords.

Say for instance, you are writing for the About Us page of your website. You want to give your readers the real deal regarding a little background of the owners of the website, what the site has to offer, etc. and insert the keyword you are targeting for in proper place without looking to spammy. You do not want to get busted by your visitors that you are only pleasing the search engine spiders and not their eyes. Each content you put on your website should be with sense, written in such a way that even a 5th grade student can comprehend, proper sentence structure, no spelling and grammar errors, and lastly, SEO-friendly. If you combine all these criteria in making a web content, in no time you will reap what you sow.

Always gear your content towards providing substantial information for your visitors at the same time giving you more visibility in order to please the search engine spiders that will crawl into every web page on your website.

Quality web content does not mean that it must be written by a professional writer, who has a master’s degree and a graduate of Harvard University. All it takes is for you or a freelancer to write a decent content that would send transcend the information you want to impart without looking too complicated at all.

At the end of the day, you need to please both your visitors for they are hungry for information and the search engines because they are your ticket to reaching the number one spot of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. that would help you generate more traffic and sales in return.

how to write good blog posts

How to write good blog posts

Blogging was mainly a hobby for most people. However, as time passed by, bloggers have seen the opportunity to earn money through maintaining a blog. In SEO parlance, blogging can is one of the many methods of promoting a website online without having to spend money on it.

Everything is free from signing up for a blog either in Blogger or WordPress to posting, it does not cost anything. The biggest challenge in blogging is to write a compelling blog post and generate more traffic from it. This can be achievable if you do know the techniques on how to do it.

In SEO, to maximize the power of blogging, the blog post must be written in a sense that it is optimized with the use of a highly competitive keyword. Choose one spot within the article where the keyword is there and hyperlinked it to the website you are promoting. That’s it.

Just a rule of thumb when writing a blog, never attempt to write it in such a way it would look like you are submitting an essay or thesis paper to your English teacher. This would ruin everything for you. Remember, a blog is more of a personalized writing. It is like an online diary or journal that you want the public to gain access to and read your journey every day or week. Therefore, make sure that your blog post must sound interesting and not boring.

The following are the basic guidelines when it comes to writing a blog post.

    • Make sure the title has the keyword on the first 2-3 words, and it should be interesting.
    • The first paragraph should state a common problem, an issue or an introductory to the main topic.
    • The succeeding paragraphs should be more of giving information based on the title and of course give a suggestive answer to the problem, an opinion to an issue, or details about the topic.
    • Last paragraph, would be more of a conclusion and should be more on enticing the readers to post a comment.

Always make sure that at the end of the day your reader will learn something from your blog post. Most likely, a reader will come back for more and visit your blog to check out for more updates especially if the information you have imparted is relevant and helpful. This will be one way of generating more traffic to your blog at the same time to your website that you are promoting.

How to Write Optimized Search Engine Web Content

How to Write Optimized Search Engine Web Content

One of the most effective ways of promoting a website is writing an SEO article and submits it to an article directory like ezine. But the problem is with all the hype of using keyword density, long-tail keywords, LSI, etc. You become confused on how to go about it.

Well, placing the keyword into the proper places will be one but as to keyword density, it is highly advisable to make the keyword look natural and blend in with the article. Never attempt to proceed with keyword stuffing or over placing the keyword within the keyword. Say for instance, in a 500 word article, you will put the keyword twenty times. Now, this is keyword stuffing.

It would be much effective and the article will look natural if you place the keyword on the first sentence of the first paragraph, last sentence on the last paragraph and sprinkle the rest within the article.

Here are the steps on how to write an SEO article:

1. Research articles about the keyword.
2. Write an interesting, compelling and brief title.
3. The first paragraph must be a summary of the entire article.
4. Next paragraphs will be more on information.
5. Conclusion.

If you read the above-mentioned steps, they are doable. In writing an SEO article, it does not need that the writer must have a Master’s degree in order to come up with a good article. The key here is to write an article as if you are talking to your reader. Make sure that you are imparting information that would be beneficial. The last thing a reader would want to happen is to read a senseless article that looks like promoting a product and that’s it. Remember, the reader click the link to your article in an article directory because he is looking for an information. If you are writing all but promotional stuff, you are simply disappointing him. In return, you might be losing a potential customer there.

In writing an SEO article start your premise with a problem and suggest a solution to that problem. As for the promotional stuff, let the resource box do it for you. The next time you write an article or let someone write for you, be sure the above steps and tips given will be of use. For sure, you will be getting more results than you ever have before.

Writing an SEO article is as easy as 1-2-3!

Blog Comments

Promote you blog using blog commenting easy way

Blog commenting is by far the fastest way to generate more links, drive more traffic, and increase your website’s ranking on various search engines.

Time is really of the essence when it comes to SEO; the faster you can get there the better. If you are thinking of using automated software to do the dirty work for you, you better think again. It is because the comments generated will be considered as spamming and not all will be approved by blog comments. You do not want the same comment to be seen online, right?

This is where doing it all manually takes into the picture. At least with manual blog commenting, you can read what the blog post all about and say something relevant. This will increase the likelihood of being approved by the owner.

Now, the challenge here how to post relevant comments fast yet increase approval ratings. Here’s how.
First, master the art of speed reading. Yes, this is the number one skill that you should know and you can apply this one especially on blog commenting. All you need to do is read the title, skim through the blog post from the first sentence down to the last sentence. Do it in a matter of 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Second, fill in the boxes with the appropriate information. As for the name, you place here the keyword or to make it sound natural any name + of + keyword. It will read like this: John of New York Diamonds. See? It reads and sounds natural right? Then, put in any active email ad that you have. Lastly, put the URL of the website you are promoting.

Third, this is the fun part – blog commenting! Here is what you must not do, avoid putting these on your comment “great post”, “thank you for your post”, etc. You must see to it that you will put your opinion on the topic, what the blogger is suggesting whether you agree or not put it there. Your comment must be around 2-3 sentences. As much as possible, encourage conversation on your comment. This will add up to making your comment look natural and not spamming.

The key in blog commenting is to make comments that stick and not disapproved by the blogger or blog owner. It would be a total waste of putting in 100 comments in different blogs and got only 1 approve because you are spamming.

promote your blog on forums

How to promote a blog on forums the easy way

Forum posting is one of the easiest SEO techniques and everybody can do it. There are two ways of doing forum posting it is either through Xrumer (automated software) and manually. Xrumer is dubbed as a way of doing forum posting the black hat way. As for the manual forum posting it is a white hat method. Most people who want to have quality links and good promotional value for a website it is highly advisable to go for manual forum posting.

What’s with manual forum posting? Doing it manually can be tiresome, boring and eats most of your time, however, the assurance of having your posts to stick right there and not be banned from the forum are high in contrast with doing the Xrumer way. If you are keen on keeping up your posts online, and all good, then ready yourself for 2-3 hours worth of posting everyday.

In this article, you will learn the art of forum posting the manual way. Read on.

1. First, search online on forums that are related to your niche.
2. Second, narrow down your list and be sure what you got are forums that do allow users to have a signature and put a link into it.
3. Third, sign up.
4. Fourth, create a newbie post.
5. Fifth, start answering threads from other users.
6. Sixth, repeat #3 and #4 step with the next forums.

The key here is to keep on posting subsequently on different forums and do about 4-5 posts on each forum. You can do like 5 forums today, another set of 5 forums tomorrow, and do it alternately. The last thing that you want to happen is for the administrator to ban you off from the forum. This could ruin your online reputation. Be as real as possible and not act like a spammer.

Do away with posts like “Thank you for your post”, “I like your post”, “This post is so informative, thanks”, anything on this line. What you need to do is read the thread first for a couple of seconds and get hold of what the thread starter is trying to say and write your opinion. It would be so annoying and irritating for a thread starter reading spam. Therefore, make sure that your post is related to the thread or not there will be a possibility that the thread starter will report you for spamming.

Lastly, do not leave any form of links or hyperlink an anchor text just to gain backlinks for your website. Your forum signature will help out with the linking and stuff. Forum posting is really easy, right?

drive traffic to your blog

How to drive traffic to your blog using SEO

One of the important goals of SEO is to drive more traffic to a particular website. This will turn that traffic into a sale. How does traffic be turned into cash? That’s the power of search engine. People keep on searching for stuff, items, solution, answers and information online and if you are in a business of a particular product or service of course you want that your website will be the very first that they click on. This is where search engine optimization takes into the picture. Using various techniques are necessary in order to make a particular website be seen by different search engines and have such site be enlisted on the results page, eventually be on the number one spot.

If you want that your website be a money-making machine for you, be sure you bring in more traffic to it.

The following are tips on how to drive more traffic to a website:

    • Submit your website to various search engines.
    • Integrate SEO in designing a website.
    • Use meta tags on description and keywords.
    • Use competitive keywords and phrases.
    • Come up with a good strategy.

The key here is to make sure the traffic you are getting is targeted and not just coming from just anywhere. What do we mean by targeted traffic? It is that kind of traffic coming from your target audience. Say for instance, you are into the business of car wash in New York. For you not to waste your effort, you must drive traffic fromNew York. How to do this? Simple, using keywords like New Yorkcar wash instead of car wash alone. Being more specific with your keyword will gain you targeted traffic which in turn will become a sale for your business.

There is no exact formula, equation or technique that one should put into in order to achieve great results when it comes to SEO. It is because SEO is very broad it encompasses variety of techniques, methods, and other things. You might observe one technique might be very useful years ago but as of the moment it is not as effective anymore. This is a common scenario.

Therefore, the next time you think about driving more traffic to your website check whether the methods you are using are still effective up to this date. This is very important so that you will not be wasting time and money on implementing a method that does not work anymore.

How to promote your wordpress blog?

Many people find a trouble when they ask that how is they going to promote their wordpress blog. In my opinion the best option to do the same is to hire the SEO service and then sit at your home and see your blog at the top of the Google page soon. Yes it is a fact, so don’t take it lightly. There are lots of instances and other example which proves the same. So you must keep SEO as one of the best method which you can apply for the promotion of your blog.

But before you use any third service, you must determine your self that does your blog has all the things which the people looks for or not. Unless you are not confident of your own work, how can others take faith in it? So just do a quick review of your blog and make out interesting changes to make it look more appealing and stylish. WordPress lends you with all the things, but you need to decide that which of the template or the designing out look fits your blog the best. The earlier you will do it the better it will be for you. This is the best part about wordpress that you can bring about immediate changes and provide the people with some thing new each time they pay a visit to your blog. So just have a chew upon it.

In the recent facts, the name of wordpress was highly booming mainly because of the interesting features and service which it lends the people. Hence you must also keep your self updated with the same and then in turn you can easily make out immense fun from the same. Your online marketing campaign can also be nicely handled with the help of wordpress blog. So what do you want more than it? Just stick to the same and in time to come you will also be among the top notch people living a royal life with your family. Most of the people have done the same and now it is your turn to pay attention. Hope this will suit your needs and demands. Go for it and have fun in style. People are just dying for it and you must also line up with the same.