The need for a website today is very important that even the smallest business that has just newly started needs to have one. Even those who do not have businesses yet want to share something that they have, even if it is of personal purpose, they still choose to have their own website. Anyone can put up a website that can either be free one or paid version but this really depends on the needs of those who wants to setup their own website.

The free websites are those taken up by individuals who do not need to have a distinctive look of their website. Most of the free websites are for personal use or starter business that cannot afford to have a paid version. Most of the free websites have their own designs ready and that only minimal customizations can be done such as changing the font size, color and style or changing the font face itself. You can also choose which areas of the website you wish to show or hide or even change the background. Other than that you are not allowed to change because you are not permitted to do so. This is where paid versions come in.

With paid websites, you can do whatever you want and even hire a developer to make you a unique and distinct website that defines your purpose. These days most of those who wish to have their own website make use of the CMS technology or Content Management System. Most CMS technologies are free to download and it will be up to you on how you are going to use it. It has its own default design and if you are fine with what it has to offer, you can go with it but having a unique website is very important especially if you are starting your own business. Some of the most used CMS today are WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. WordPress is a blogging platform that can be reconstructed and designed to a specific purpose that is why the number of users for WordPress is very high compared to other CMS technologies. The most popular choice for CMS users is downloading themes that organizes the content of their website. There are hundreds of themes scattered around the internet both free and for purchase. As with free websites, free themes functions the same but has more features and functionality compared to an ordinary free website although the letdown of this option is that many users are already using these free themes.

If you want a unique website with WordPress, you should purchase your own WordPress woocommerce themes from one of the collection of Every month you get to see new themes added to their database and each of them are created for a specific but general purpose. If your website specializes in photography, get a gallery based theme that will organize all your photos neatly. If it is an online shop that you want, there are themes for that too.

The features of a WordPress WooCommerce themes are as follows:

  • Easy customization – you do not have to worry about calling a developer to make some side changes for you as customization with these themes are user-friendly. It is just like designing your own room without complications.
  • Solid framework – All the WordPress WooCommerce themes that you can find in are all powered by very sturdy and reliable ShopitPress framework which makes it easy for users to customize, configure and setup the theme that has advanced functionality.
  • Fully compatible – all the themes that are added to their database are fully compatible with the latest WordPress updates and can run on any major browsers.
  • Tutorials and documentations – In order to make lives of users easier, they provide documentation and tutorials and most of them are detailed in video tutorials.
  • Widgets – Twitter updates, updated testimonials from your customers, featured videos, shopping cart, popular products and popular posts are some of the widgets included in every theme you can see in
  • Shortcodes – All WordPress WooCommerce Themes you can find in this site are updated and complete with shortcodes that provides more functioanlity of your favorite theme. Some of them are CSS buttons, message boxes, column layouts, icon buttons, tabbed content, toggles, custom lists, and text highlight.

To provide you with some of the best WordPress WooCommerce Themes, below are those favored and loved by many WordPress users.

MiniStore – Free Premium WordPress WooCommerce Theme ministore review

MiniStore – Premium WordPress WooCommerce Theme

One of the things that make this theme amazing is that it is free for download. You can install this in your WordPress site and you already have an instant eCommerce theme without spending a single dime. You can even use this theme for yourself or your client and customize it however you want. It has multiple skins available, products are neatly organized where you can choose how much you want in your site displayed, and slider manager that allows users to manage the slides shown on your homepage.

PhotoSquares2 – Premium WordPress Photography Theme photosquares2 review

PhotoSquares – Premium WordPress Photography Theme

PhotoSquares2 is the next and new version of the popular gallery theme of WordPress, PhotoSquares. This is the best option to choose if your website specializes in photography or if you are a creative designer and wish to show the world your works. All your creative works are organized in a clean and efficient manner that every visitor will love and that they will be able to see easily which of your works they really love. Unique features of this theme are optional 2 column layout or full width, Flexslider or the Infinite colors functionality.

Slide – Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme

Slide - Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme

Slide – Premium WordPress Portfolio Theme

The Slide Portfolio theme is a good choice for freelancers to showcase their portfolio to the public. It is very minimalistic and simple that every visitor’s focus is at the slider featured at the center. If you are a graphic designer or web designer, this is the perfect choice for you. Its unique features are Flexslider, optional 2 column layout or full width and infinite colors functionality.

These are just some of the themes highly valued and purchased by many users of WordPress WooCommerce Themes. If you want to see more, just visit and look for the best theme that will work for your purpose.

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